KB Thin section bearings

KB100AR0/CP0/XP0 thin section bearings

Dimension: 10"×10.625"×0.3125"
Material:China GCr15,USA AISI E52100, Europe 100Cr6, Japan SUJ2
Structure: A=angular contact, C=radial, X= four point contact
Cage:brass or nylon
Dalian Youmai Mechanical and Electrical Products Co., Ltd. has been supplying thin section bearings since 2013. Our products mainly covers seven series of open thin section bearings in three types(A angular contact, C radial contact and X four-point contact), cross section ranging from 3/16”×3/16” to 1”×1” . We can also supply our customers with sealed thin section bearings as well as customized thin section bearings in precision class.
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KB cross section 0.3125"×0.3125"

    Type A = Angular               Type C = Radial            Type X = Four point
Type A interchange Type C interchange Type X interchange
KB020AR0 CSEB020 KYB020 SB020AR0 KB020CP0 CSCB020 KRB020 SB020CP0 KB020XP0 CSXB020 KXB020 SB020XP0
KB025AR0 CSEB025 KYB025 SB025AR0 KB025CP0 CSCB025 KRB025 SB025CP0 KB025XP0 CSXB025 KXB025 SB025XP0
KB030AR0 CSEB030 KYB030 SB030AR0 KB030CP0 CSCB030 KRB030 SB030CP0 KB030XP0 CSXB030 KXB030 SB030XP0
KB035AR0 CSEB035 KYB035 SB035AR0 KB035CP0 CSCB035 KRB035 SB035CP0 KB035XP0 CSXB035 KXB035 SB035XP0
KB040AR0 CSEB040 KYB040 SB040AR0 KB040CP0 CSCB040 KRB040 SB040CP0 KB040XP0 CSXB040 KXB040 SB040XP0
KB042AR0 CSEB042 KYB042 SB042AR0 KB042CP0 CSCB042 KRB042 SB042CP0 KB042XP0 CSXB042 KXB042 SB042XP0
KB045AR0 CSEB045 KYB045 SB045AR0 KB045CP0 CSCB045 KRB045 SB045CP0 KB045XP0 CSXB045 KXB045 SB045XP0
KB047AR0 CSEB047 KYB047 SB047AR0 KB047CP0 CSCB047 KRB047 SB047CP0 KB047XP0 CSXB047 KXB047 SB047XP0
KB050AR0 CSEB050 KYB050 SB050AR0 KB050CP0 CSCB050 KRB050 SB050CP0 KB050XP0 CSXB050 KXB050 SB050XP0
KB055AR0 CSEB055 KYB055 SB055AR0 KB055CP0 CSCB055 KRB055 SB055CP0 KB055XP0 CSXB055 KXB055 SB055XP0
KB060AR0 CSEB060 KYB060 SB060AR0 KB060CP0 CSCB060 KRB060 SB060CP0 KB060XP0 CSXB060 KXB060 SB060XP0
KB065AR0 CSEB065 KYB065 SB065AR0 KB065CP0 CSCB065 KRB065 SB065CP0 KB065XP0 CSXB065 KXB065 SB065XP0
KB070AR0 CSEB070 KYB070 SB070AR0 KB070CP0 CSCB070 KRB070 SB070CP0 KB070XP0 CSXB070 KXB070 SB070XP0
KB075AR0 CSEB075 KYB075 SB075AR0 KB075CP0 CSCB075 KRB075 SB075CP0 KB075XP0 CSXB075 KXB075 SB075XP0
KB080AR0 CSEB080 KYB080 SB080AR0 KB080CP0 CSCB080 KRB080 SB080CP0 KB080XP0 CSXB080 KXB080 SB080XP0
KB090AR0 CSEB090 KYB090 SB090AR0 KB090CP0 CSCB090 KRB090 SB090CP0 KB090XP0 CSXB090 KXB090 SB090XP0
KB100AR0 CSEB100 KYB100 SB100AR0 KB100CP0 CSCB100 KRB100 SB100CP0 KB100XP0 CSXB100 KXB100 SB100XP0
KB110AR0 CSEB110 KYB110 SB110AR0 KB110CP0 CSCB110 KRB110 SB110CP0 KB110XP0 CSXB110 KXB110 SB110XP0
KB120AR0 CSEB120 KYB120 SB120AR0 KB120CP0 CSCB120 KRB120 SB120CP0 KB120XP0 CSXB120 KXB120 SB120XP0
KB140AR0 CSEB140 KYB140 SB140AR0 KB140CP0 CSCB140 KRB140 SB140CP0 KB140XP0 CSXB140 KXB140 SB140XP0
KB160AR0 CSEB160 KYB160 SB160AR0 KB160CP0 CSCB160 KRB160 SB160CP0 KB160XP0 CSXB160 KXB160 SB160XP0
KB180AR0 CSEB180 KYB180 SB180AR0 KB180CP0 CSCB180 KRB180 SB180CP0 KB180XP0 CSXB180 KXB180 SB180XP0
KB200AR0 CSEB200 KYB200 SB200AR0 KB200CP0 CSCB200 KRB200